Is There Time for Everyday Magic in Your Life?


What brings a sense of magic to your life?  Is it a friend, a vacation, an idea or a spiritual quest?

Today, be alert to how many ways you can see the same thing.  The mind has a tendency to want to see things the same way, and constantly bends the edges of our actual experiences to conform us to routine.

Most people are unaware, or only slightly aware, that they are doing this. Their focus is on what they want to accomplish or avoid in a day, so any glimpse of that which doesn't conform is ignored. 

There is a little "magic" available to us all everyday.  So do the thing you think about but push aside.  Walk an extra block.  Speak kindly to someone you are not sure likes you.  Come back to the present moment over and over, for it is the doorway to new opportunity.

Cheryl Deaner, LMFT#36764