Risk Taking


All of us have areas of our lives that we would like to change. What stops us? Risk. There are small risks, medium risks and risks that would make major changes to our lives, even risks that feel like death.

Small risks are those like finishing a task that one has put off. Things that we know we will eventually follow through with.  Medium risk might be something like leaving a bad job.  But a life-changing risk is something else. It feels like it takes more courage than one has. Like a divorce, for instance. It can feel like death.

Many people live with all three levels of risk present in their lives, although most of us try not to look at life-changing risk if possible. At what level does risk become foolhardy? The truth is, it is usually not foolish. When a risk is being contemplated, it is usually worth taking in the service of being true to oneself.

Being willing to take risks is a courageous endeavor that can lead to a great contentment with oneself down the line. If you are contemplating a risk that seems overwhelming, now is the time to shore up your courage and move forward in the service of your own best destiny.