When Change Feels Magical


When change feels magical, be grateful! Failure is common. It is easy to feel derailed or give up. But once you find yourself changing, know you have discovered a pathway that was always there, just waiting for you.

Sometimes change seems to happen out of a longing for things to be different, without much real effort. If this happens, you are very lucky because this is not usually the way it happens!

Change most often comes when one becomes consciously willing to try something different, even if it means being uncomfortable, vulnerable or even exposed. It can be hard to take the first step toward change, and even harder to take the second. But eventually, doing things differently becomes easier, and then one can look back and see that real and positive change has occurred.

Unfortunately, many people grow up in situations that kill the belief that their lives can ever substantially change for the better. Worse, they may look at those who try to change as being a bit foolish. What a recipe for staying stuck!

There is magic in the power of looking past one’s limiting beliefs. For change is always possible if you will work for it.