Are You Running Away from a Feeling?


What feeling do you most want to run away from?  For some it is sadness, or grief - for others, anger or anxiety.  Some can't abide admitting to jealousy or envy.  Often, people do not realize that they are avoiding a feeling.  They may stay busy, drink, socialize or otherwise create barriers to becoming aware of unwanted feelings.

One thing to realize is that feelings can't kill you - but chronically avoiding your feelings actually can!

So try this.  Sit down with a paper and pen.  Think of the thing that bothers you the most for exactly one minute.  Then write about your feelings.  In this way, you are freeing yourself from being a prisoner of a dreaded feeling.  It the feeling continues to occur with intensity, talk it over with someone you trust or maybe a therapist.

Take Care,

Cheryl Deaner, LMFT 36764