What Makes Us Want to Start New Ventures?


I believe that all people have an innate need to create.  Some create families, others businesses and some art.  To create - to express something uniquely oneself -  is a way of feeling fully human.  It expands personal growth and helps one find connection with an audience, friend or lover, business associate or child.  Sometimes, one's own audience is all that is needed.

Creation is often not easy, even when it is enticing.  It can seem like the more important the venture is, the more challenging it can become.  Perhaps this is because change in general is difficult.  But when a change is an important one, it can seem that there is more to lose, so some don't even start.

Yet the challenge is good.  Putting oneself into the wide open sea of ideas and adventure is a good thing.  It keeps one alive and growing.  It helps the rest of the world.

Good luck today in all your challenges and ventures!