What is a Successful Vision?


Manifestation in the material world begins with a clear, direct vision of what you want to create and the commitment to getting there.  Successful people use goal-setting, visualizing, writing, talking to others, therapy, coaching, workshops and many other tools to to create an atmosphere within themselves that will allow them to grow.

Knowing what you want is an act of courage.  There are so many substitutes for what one really wants that are way less scary (and easier!) to implement than going whole-heartedly into the unknown.  But playing it safe will not lead to anything other than moderate success, if that.

Here are two main points to consider:

1)  Have a clear and detailed vision of your success.  Foster a strong belief and longing in yourself that you can do what needs to be done in order to  actualize this success.

3)  Be persistent in your focus until your success manifests into reality.  Your best reality has its own way of coming to manifestation, so be flexible and don't give up too soon!