Feeling Miserable


Everyone feels miserable sometimes, but how long it lasts and what comes from it varies. 

People often have much more control over feeling miserable than they think.  Most people when they feel desperately sad, angry or hurt think during the time they are feeling it that it is how they will ALWAYS feel and have always felt. 

Actually, it is hard to be miserable consistently for more than 15 minutes at a time.  Our minds don't want us to feel more than we can handle and will automatically shut down on particular feelings at a certain point.  The feelings may come back, but there is a break, if only to feel numb.

Some people feel like they are wallowing if they don't feel up to doing what they or others expect of them because they are feeling down.  This is not true either.

You don't have to live in a miserable state.  Focus on the cause of your misery, but then focus on the fact that misery has a short shelf life - and when you get a break from the feeling, stretch it out as long as you can. 

Finally, if misery continues for more than a few days, get support from a therapist or someone you believe can help you.  Loneliness is a trigger for misery, so seek to avoid being lonely.

Hoping This Helps,