How Can You Be Your Best if You Don't Know Your Dreams?


All of us dream, but not everyone can access their dreams.  Knowing what you really want can be scary.  You might upset the apple cart of your life, cause pain for someone, or have to take financial risks.  So dreams go unconscious - except do they really?  Our do they bump around in the corners of your mind, while you wonder why you are so bored or dissatisfied?

To find out what you are dreaming often means disconnecting from the day to day in your life and just listening.  Listening to yourself may seem difficult if you are not used to doing it.  But what you want is inside you.  Find a place to be quiet, if only for 5 minutes, and listen.  If this is not enough, then perhaps you need to find a good therapist who can listen to you listen to your own words.

Good luck in your journey.  For when you find your dreams, you can then create a roadmap you need to realize them.

Cheryl Deaner,
LMFT 36764