What Feeling do You Most Run From?


What is the feeling you most want to run away from? For some it is sadness or grief, for others - jealousy or anxiety. Often people don't realize just how much energy they are wasting trying to avoid a feeling.

Your feelings can't kill you, but chronically avoiding certain feelings will do you harm. It takes a lot of energy to block them, and they can make you physically as well as mentally sick.

Try this. Sit down with a paper and pen. Then think of the thing that is bothering you for exactly one minute. Afterwards, write about your feelings around it. Don't let yourself be prisoner to a dreaded feeling. If the feeling is just to much to release by this method, then perhaps you could benefit from a therapist for awhile who can help you to explore why you feel the way you do. All you have to lose is your pain.

Take Care,