Caught in Our Own Trap


Although it may feel like it is others who trap us, we only trap ourselves. Human beings are blessed with volition and can always decide to leave what feels like a trap. That is, if they are not too proud, deluded, angry or scared to do so.

Why does the delusion of being trapped seem so real? Because we take our isolation to be real. We believe that we are all alone and refuse to share our burden except in complaint. So we are looking at others, and not ourselves.

Complaining and then doing nothing is a state of rationalization. Rationalization is living in fantasy of our own making. Saying “they made me feel, they made me do...” and then not listening to wise counsel only feeds the fire of denial.

We become a part of what we project onto others. So instead of projecting, admit that some parts of our lives may not be perfect. Have the courage to acknowledge when we need support. Being open to wise counsel helps us to acquire the tools we need for positive change. By sharing our troubles – perhaps first on paper, then with others we trust – we become open to the goal of finding personal freedom from traps that once seemed real.