Destiny or Self-Effort?


People often believe they are destined for a certain fate from deep in the core of their being. Sometimes they believe they are destined to a particular future that may be great or tragic. But which has more power – destiny or self effort? I say self effort. Whether you make yourself into a better or a worse person, it is what you work toward that determines your good fortune.

If you find yourself thinking “But I can't help it – my family always ____”, or “other people might be able to do that, but not me” this is not destiny. It is victim-hood. Ridding yourself of victim-hood is perhaps the highest form of self-effort.

Please note that one of the myths about self-effort is that it means you have to do it ALL by yourself. This is rarely true. The support of others is practically essential. Isolation is a core factor in feeling like a victim, while having support (but not pity) buoys one toward success.