Work Anxiety


Is work eating up too much of your life? Trying to finish all your deadlines perfectly? Doing more and more with less and less heart, spirit, time and clarity? You may have work anxiety. This takes a toll on one's performance and leads to a “hollowed out” feeling that negatively affect all your relationships.

Anxiety is often behind overworking. Temporary relief can come from getting ahead in one's work, but this only raises the bar for what is “normal” for you and leads to impossible standards and from there, more anxiety.

Anxiety about work is isolating. In fact you may be getting rewarded for working too hard. To change this pattern you may need to talk to someone other than one's boss, family or coworkers.

Talking to a professional can help you sort out whether your job is actually too demanding or if the way you are doing your work is making it harder than it need be. It can introduce you to tools such as cognitive behavioral techniques, mindfulness and healthy work boundaries. It can also help you to discover the origins of anxiety. Did one grow up around anxious or demanding parents? Does your anxiety have a biochemical component? Are you avoiding a less than happy home life?

One can also find ways to cope with workplace anxiety by reading books such as “Feeling Good, the New Mood Therapy” by David Burns, or “Dare, the New Way to End Anxiety and Stop Panic Attacks” by Barry McDonagh.

Whatever method one uses to disrupt one's anxiety, the first step is to reach out for support. If you could do it all alone, you would have already!