The Brain and the Mind are in the Same Soup


A lot of people like to believe that life’s decisions are made in their minds, not in their physical bodies. I believe this is true only part of the time. I believe a lot of what we think and feel and do is modulated by the influence of our bodies.

For instance, people become drug and alcohol dependent when their minds create the the stories needed to continue to reproduce a chemical bath the body craves. Others are so obsessed with sex that even as their families are falling apart, they can rationalize participation in the rush of illicit sexual contact. Still others store memories of childhood abuse in their muscles and bones, not understanding how the trapped painful memories still control their behavior as adults.

The mind and body are an interdependent force field, and isolation is the enemy that keeps one stuck in that field. Once a person learns to reach beyond themselves for help and support with their habits and addictions, the chance of becoming into a happier and healthier person is greatly enhanced.