Why Do People Start New Ventures?


I believe all people have an innate need to create new ventures.  Some ventures result in communities and families, others in businesses, and still others bring the arts to life.  To create - to express something unique in oneself - is to become aware of a capacity for life that one may never have known was possible.

New ventures also expand what is personal into a positive connection with others.  Ventures are almost always helpful to humanity, not just to those who created them.

Creation is often not easy. Don't give up!  Ventures worth pursuing are challenging, but bravery and commitment can provide access to the wide open sea of potential that lives deep inside everyone's being. But most importantly, ventures can reveal a deep and satisfying sense of having been one's best self. 

The very best of luck to you in whatever new venture you may be considering right this very moment!

Warm Regards, Cheryl Deaner, LMFT 36764