Getting Ready to Retire?


Much is written about the financial aspects of retirement, but not so much one's feelings about leaving the work world behind.  In talking with recent retirees and people who will soon be retiring, I came up with three observations.   What is interesting about the observations is that they are thoughts that can be working in the background of your mind about your retirement whether you have many years to go or this is your last week at work:

1)  When a person retires, they are often stepping out of a pressure cooker.  Don't just step into another one.  Take awhile to unwind and let the mind unfurl so your actions will be considered ones. 

2)  Let go of judgments about what you should be doing.  Let go of guilt, or that feeling that you are lazy if not "productive".  That is an illusion that won't get you far in retirement.

3)  Let yourself have nothing that has to be done.  Practice mindfulness or meditation or contemplation because time is what you have instead of making money.  After all, time is the most valuable thing in the universe!

Happy Monday!

Cheryl Deaner, LMFT