Am I Telling Myself the Truth about Me?


Are you being much harsher on yourself than you need to be? This is a common problem for many people and it leads to thinking that limits one’s capacity to enjoy life.

Below are a few other examples of what not being truthful about yourself looks like:

1) Believing you lack the talent, intelligence or emotional capacity to handle the task in front of you - when a person does not apply for a better job, shrinks from setting boundaries with someone or from learning something new, they are failing before trying.

2) Letting negative emotions such as depression or anxiety foreclose your capacity to see creative solutions to life’s problems - there is a difference between facts and feelings. Feelings may not be facts.

3) Avoiding seeing the truth out of fear - this can have very serious consequences. Having feelings can’t kill you, but not having them actually can!

Self honesty is the best way to become a grounded, productive and happy human being. So take the time to tell yourself the truth about your situation today. If the truth seems too overwhelming, please seek support from someone you can trust to listen to you, or talk to a therapist or other professional.