Why I am Grateful to be a Therapist


I am grateful to be a therapist. It is my second career – I used to work for IBM. As financially rewarding and safe as that was, it was no calling. Then my life was changed by a chance comment.

I heard that San Francisco State University had a graduate program to meet the requirements of becoming a therapist. Perhaps because until that moment I had no idea how one became a therapist, I had never pictured doing it - but once did, I jumped into the field with both feet.

2018 means I have had the pleasure to spend 18 years in this fulfilling work. Here are a few of the reasons why I love being a clinical therapist:

I support clients to feel better and make positive changes in their lives.

I watch people find hope and personal power.

I support people's efforts to both give and receive love.

If you are not in a career that you love, keep looking! Finding that career can make a huge difference in your life - and in the lives of others.