When Life Seems Like a Series of Unfortunate Events - 3 Tips


Sometimes life can feel like a trap, due to a to a series of unfortunate events that can seem endless. Sometimes there is a theme to the events and at other times the events can feel totally random.

The biggest symptom of this state is that life can begin to feel like a swamp to be slogged through every day. Sometimes it can feel like depression, and sometimes it actually is depression. At times, this state is totally circumstantial, such as when one is experiencing profound grief, loss or illness. But what matters most is that it feels the same.

Here are three tips to help you to get through life's unfortunate events:

1)  Think about other times in your life when you were discouraged.  How long did they last?  How did you resolve things, or did time just sort them out for you?

2)  Detach.  Step back from the “story” you and others may be telling about what is going on. There is a bigger picture.  In Tolkien's "Lord of the Rings" the most sticky and uncomfortable of journeys ultimately were challenges that led to profound personal growth.

3)  Don't be alone in the slog.  Talk to friends, see a therapist, go to self-help meetings or if you have a spiritual path, follow it more closely.  Suffering is lessened from something as simple as talking to another person.

To you in Your Journey,

Cheryl Deaner, LMFT 36764