F.E.A.R. - False Evidence Appearing Real


Our imaginations are often no good to us when it comes to fear. Imagination can be a rabbit hole that can take you away from the resources of flexibility and reason.

Think back to all the times you feared something would happen - how often did it happen just the way you thought it would?

It's not that scary things don't happen in life, its that 90% of the time the imminent danger is not where we think it will be. So 90% of the worry and anxiety about an upcoming event simply steals our energy.

If we know that the really scary incidents in life are almost always unpredictable, it frees us to work on being the kind of person that can handle raw deals.

Learning to be grounded, to examine our fears realistically and to breathe when we feel tense will work wonders for not anticipating and inadvertently creating F.E.A.R.

Have a Calm and Peaceful Week