How Depression Affects Concentration

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Many folks think they are tough enough to ride out depression - and if they are having a mild or moderate depression they may well do this. However, riding out depression is not without its penalties. One of these is the capacity to concentrate, which can have consequences in many areas of life. Below are 3 common ways that a lack of focus can hurt a person:

1) Relationships. When one is depressed it is hard to concentrate on what someone is saying - especially if their words bring more pain or sadness. Being caught up in your own head hurts relationships. Plus, depression can be contagious!

2) At work and school, a lack of focus can cause one to entirely miss the point of a task or assignment. It can make one appear disinterested even when one it trying to pay attention. It can lead to missed deadlines. And it can lead to the unconscious distancing of important work relationships.

3) Driving. Driving while on autopilot is simply dangerous. A lack of focus can cause an accident or a ticket. Also, it is simply annoying to miss a turn, or to just forget to bring something important with you, like your wallet or your grocery list.

Depression is not just a matter of emotional pain is causing you to feel sad or numb out. Long term depression also can cause changes as to how the brain processes and remembers information. But there is hope.

The right person can give you tools and help you find a way to deal with and even eliminate depression. Feel free to call me today. If I can’t help you personally, I will refer you to people and resources more suited to your particular situation. Suffering is more optional than you may think!