In a Crisis?


Crisis is a clarion call to do something right away, but that may not be the right move - one is often not clear- headed in time of crisis, even if one feels they are.

Sometimes crisis happens in a moment, like an accident. Sometimes it builds for years, like a divorce. In either case, reactivity is often not helpful. 

Here are three tips for dealing with crisis:

1) Don't make a snap decision due to the pressures of others - or yourself.

2) Don't waste your focus feeling guilty, embarrassed or like you should have seen it coming. You are doing the best you can.

3) Do find trustworthy people to talk to who are not involved with the crisis to help you sort things out for yourself.

Crisis counseling can also be invaluable. Feel free to consult with me about what might be the best way for you to proceed in a crisis.


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