Is it Depression, or Anxiety?


Where Does Depression End and Anxiety Begin?

Many people suffer from both depression and anxiety. Some of the symptoms of these differing states are shared. In fact, depression can bring on anxiety, or vice versa. And then there are feelings that could be either, such as worrying, irritability and sleeplessness. So if you feel foggy or exhausted or distracted, it could be either anxiety or depression.  Here is a ballpark way to figure out which is which.

Anxiety is an emotion based more on fear than anything else. Depression isbased more in sadness.  Using this as a guideline, keep a record of how much you feel anxiety or depression in a day with 0 being none at all, and 10 being the utmost state. If you do this for three weeks, you should have a clearer picture of where your feelings are coming from.

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