Feeling Sensitive to Criticism?


Criticism can really sting!  Or at least annoy - especially when it comes from someone close to you, or from someone who seems to have plenty of their own flaws.

It is hard not to react, but usually better.  Often, one can get by with saying:  "That's very interesting, I will have to think about it."   You can always say something later, after you have had time to self-edit your first reaction.

Another technique for handling criticism is to note if there is even a grain of truth in it.  If there is, tell yourself that the criticism is a teaching - an opportunity to change something you may have not known was a problem.   

These sort of responses to criticism may not feel great immediately, but they can save you from regret and future problems.  Moreover, they will enhance your capacity for detachment, perhaps the best skill one can have when dealing with people!

Cheryl Deaner, LMFT #36764