Are You "Spiritual Enough?"


I used to think I was not spiritual enough.  I was basing this assumption on what others reported their experiences to be, and discounting my own experience of the universe, and of powers greater than myself.  

Looking at the universe as a whole, we are all just bits of re-worked stardust.  After all, stars consist of the same kinds of chemical elements as our bodies.  At a basic level, we are children of a universe which scientists have only started to fathom.

In this perspective, whatever is out there is in me.  Does this make for spirituality?  If I want it to be so, and I do.  I chose to believe that my obligation in this life is to learn to love, be happy and be industrious with what I have been given.  Within that context, I also enjoy reading about and experiencing a spiritual path.

Perhaps you might think my underpinnings are more philosophical thanspiritual, but then it can be hard to tell which is which under an awesome display of stars.

Warm Regards,