Perfectionism is seen as a positive and a negative trait, depending on the circumstances in which it is found.  But it is not such a good trait when tied to self-criticism.  Some people who experience it believe that nothing they ever do will be quite good enough.  So they work and work and then get depressed, irritable or angry.  The voice of perfectionism is an illusion that serves to disconnect people from who they really are.  So even if the perfectionist does something perfectly, they still do not experience deep satisfaction. 

How one goes about collecting the tools and safety to explore their true self often starts with therapy, but seldom just stays there.  Once the self is awakened, life becomes clearer, more immediate and more fun.  It is also more interesting!

If you suffer from perfectionism and have read this far, please call me and let's talk about ways you can go beyond having to be perfect. 

Warm Regards,
Cheryl Deaner, LMFT
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