Whether it is feeling loved, having money in the bank or having caring parents or children, most people feel the need for some type of security.  Yet there is a counterbalance to this. All these comforts are outside of oneself and they can all be lost.

Being able to be feel secure in oneself is invaluable.  People come to this sense of self through many pathways, but all involve getting to know and truly appreciate one's inner self.  Here are three ideas about how to do this:

1)  Be grateful for what you already have.  Stop looking at others and comparing yourself to them.
2)  Find a path to promote the growth of your inner self.  Whether you choose a spiritual journey, therapy, advanced studies, or taking care of others, find a way to connect with others and the world.
3)  Deal with the fact that you will sooner or later die, that every living thing does.  Imagine you are very old and thinking back over your life.  Think of what the most important things you did were.  Then do them.

Take Care,