On Friday night I received a Legacy Award from Our Family Coalition, a non-profit I co-founded 20 years ago.  Our Family Coalition works statewide with LGBTQI families to make sure all families receive the same educational, social and civil rights and privileges as other families in our society.  I actually enjoyed receiving my award!   Some say it is better to give than receive - but the older I get the more I think that both are needed in equal proportion.

I remember when I left OFC to start my private practice 16 years ago - back then it was difficult to accept the well wishes and compliments of my colleagues and friends.  I felt so shy because I wasn't used to receiving.  Since then, I've worked a lot on learning to receive.  I have come to believe that a person who just gives is one who stunts their own capacity for growth, for vital nourishment.

Many clients coming into therapy do a lot of good for everyone but themselves.  Its hard for them to take a compliment or a day off for themselves, and so they often they struggle with codependency.  Self focus, and the capacity to receive, are wonderful assets for personal growth.

Have a Wonderful Week,