Are You Feeling Bruised by the World?

When feeling bruised by the world, you may have an instinctual longing to find your heart again.  At the same time, your heart may be the last place you want to go - especially if you are suffering or feeling out of control. 

Yet this vulnerability can allow for a kind of mindful suffering.  It can be a time for seeing where walls need to be, where fears come from, and how one traps them self.  Sometimes shutting down is the best option in the short term, just to get through the day.  But eventually, one has the opportunity to remake life for the better.

So no matter where you are today, remember that the thing that hurts the most can become a vehicle to a new freedom, it you become willing to work with it. By listening to your healing heart, and sharing it with those who care, you will eventually find a sense of lightness and joy.