Good Habits are More Important than Bad Ones

Why?  Good habits sustain you when your will to do the right thing is weak.  They push you forward like a warm wind on your back when everything else seems hopeless.  Continuing a good habit even though your world is falling apart can be the best thing in the world for you!  It means you still have dignity.

Everyone has some idea of what their bad habits are.  Forget them for awhile and numerate your good habits instead.  Cultivate them instead.  Almost no bad habit can sustain itself in the presence of many good ones.

If you have an addiction, or a character flaw, or something that does not respond to good habits, even then, good habits can lead you to a place where you can consider what you need to do differently in order to change them.  They are like a compass pointing you in the right direction.

Warm Regards,
Cheryl Deaner, LMFT 36764