I provide individual, couple and family therapy. I have offices in Emeryville and in San Francisco, CA. I also provide phone and online therapy. To talk to me in person, contact me.  Issues that I have expertise in include:

Relationship Concerns

Whether you are troubled by a relationship with a loved one, family member, friend, or colleague human relationships can cause some of the worst pain.  After the initial crisis issues that have brought you into therapy have been resolved, I will work with you to discover how your feelings about yourself and others may be related to the problems you find yourself continuing to have.  Longstanding issues such as codependency, self-esteem challenges, anxiety and depression can all lead to one ending up with the same problems with people time and time again.  However, I believe change is always possible.

It takes heart and courage to change the way you relate to yourself in others, as well as a plan with regard to how you are going make these changes happen.  I will support you as you define what needs to happen both inside you and outside of you with regard to growth in how you conduct all of your relationships.


Problems with career or work

Problems with career or work are often difficult to address alone.  Right now, you may be feeling like there is something wrong with you because making a living has gotten harder, or you are under-employed or perhaps afraid to make needed career changes.  Or maybe people call you workaholic. Because this is such a tough time in our economy, it is most likey that your contribution to the problem is a lot less than you think it is.  But even if it is not personal, the financial challenges of today can be stressful! 

Our contributions to the world may be made either joyfully or with discomfort, drudgery and fear.  So much depends upon our mental attitude about our work and the people we work with as well as our conditioning about what work means and what we can expect from others.  It is often impossible to extricate our feelings about ourselves from our work. 

Whether you want to create sustainable goals for yourself at work, help make relationships with those you work with better, or switch careers, I will work with you to help you find satisfaction in this tremendously important part of your life.


Concerns about mental health and childhood trauma

Depression, anxiety, anger, loss - these are just a few of the mental health concerns people come to therapy with.  Perhaps no area is as sensitive as one's concerns about themselves as the affect that past or current trauma has on their lives. Often people resign themselves to being depressed, anxious, sad or experiencing codependency just because they have been this way for so long that they do not see the way out.  But there is one.

Although habitual thoughts and feelings create in us a mental landscape that colors all that we think, feel and do, they are just habits, and new habits can replace them, and new actions will follow.  

I will work with you carefully and patiently, to support your finding the right path for you to take in order to feel better and rid yourself of the affects of past and even current trauma. I will do what I can to give you the space to know your true self and to gain control of your own mind. 


Feeling "stuck"in defeating situations

To lose hope is the worst thing that can happen to a person. I believe that no situation you are in is hopeless, and that each of us is born with the innate creativity needed to change a stuck, defeating situation. We are so much more than the roles our families, friends, employers ask us to play for them.

Once you begin to realize your personal power, I will work with you to help you take the steps necessary to change your perception of what you can accomplish.  You have nothing to lose, except the attitude that is defeating you, and a lot to gain.


Spiritual, humanistic or religious concerns

I believe it is up to every person to decide whether or not they want to address spiritual issues in this life. Most people do decide that it is important to develop a sense of meaning in their lives, and to put in place ethical standards to live by.  Some call this process spirituality.

Working on spiritual issues can also mean the cultivation of a spiritual path, practicing faith or religion or creating a personal lens that helps one to organize the way they interact with the world. All of these can be key components in psychotherapy.

Psychotherapy can make the difference between living a vital and important life, just going around in circles, or making a mess out of one's life.


Setting and reaching goals

I believe that the most valuable skill a therapist can have is to listen to what a person's conscious and unconscious mind really wants, and then support them to see it as well.  This is what goal setting is based upon. 

No two people set goals the same way.  Some prefer talking and feedback.  Others use art, mind mapping, meditation or contemplation.  Still others like structured homework and "fieldwork" assignments.  I will work with you to make sure the style we use is the one that makes goal setting accessible to you.

Reaching goals is about getting what you want.  The test of whether you have reached your goals is whether the result is as good as or even better than what you had planned for yourself.  We consciously set our goals, but reaching them is a synthesis of our written and spoken goals, our unconscious goals, and the circumstances within which you find yourself.


Considering Parenthood

This is your chance to consciously think about, plan and prepare to make what may be the biggest decision of your life. Whether or not you end up deciding to parent, the clarity of your thought about this decision can help give you the peace of mind and the ability to move forward, one way or the other. 

It takes more preparation to get a driver's license than it does to become a parent. Think about what kind of world it would be if people actually decided whether, when, why and how they wanted to parent.