The Mental Health of Biotech and Computer Executives


The San Francisco Bay area is home to many technological firms that create jobs with long hours, deadline pressures, sometimes-chaotic management and constant change.  Although some thrive in this kind of environment, the majority of executives and technical workers I have seen have a feeling that they have sacrificed too much.

These sacrifices are often hard to initially identify, as working conditions can seem pleasant - lots of food, gym memberships, benefits.  Yet the level of involvement one is expected to provide at work can create a life where one's inner world and true priorities can become neglected.  Relationships can become strained or broken, and workaholic attitudes are common.

I know this to be true not only from my clients, but from a decade of working in the "hi tech" industry earlier in life.  If you like, call me for a phone consultation today.  You have nothing to lose, and perhaps everything to gain. 

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