About Me Professionally

I became a therapist because I love working with people who care deeply about their relationships, careers and personal growth.

I received my Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and Rehabilitation Counseling from San Francisco State University and began my private practice in 2000.  From 2004 through 2007, I studied Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy at the Center for Psychoanalytic Studies.  Since then, I have augmented my training by the use of cognitive behavioral therapy and family therapy among other modalities. My goal is to help people to reach their potential, both as individuals and in relationship to others. 

In 1987 I received certification in Drug and Alcohol recovery studies (UC Berkeley Extension) and worked with substance abuse and codependency issues in community mental health settings. In graduate school, I founded the Alternative Family Project, providing family counseling services to non-traditional families and their children. In 1997 I founded and served as Executive Director of Our Family Coalition, a non-profit organization which serves the needs of LGBTQ families. 

About Me Personally

Let me tell you a little bit about myself.  At age 24 I came to San Francisco with a lot of hope, only to become discouraged. I felt like I lacked an inner road map that others seemed to have.  After several painful attempts to create the life I wanted, someone suggested I try therapy. It was hard to believe, but my life began to consistently be changing in a good direction. I was surprised that therapy actually worked!

I have since found that many who start therapy are as skeptical as I was that positive change is possible. What I have come to believe over time is that change is always possible, if you are willing to work for it.


   Cheryl Deaner, MFT #36764

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